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Looking for an airplane?
Come see:
Smiling Wings Flight Club at Delta Blake Field (AJZ)
We currently have options in both a Cessna 182 & Cessna 210

What you'll get for your investment:

  • Discounted flight time - 1/3 lower than the market rate.
  • A chance to fly any of our airplanes (C210, C182) plus others as we add them to our club.
  • A chance to fly for a fraction of what an airplane would cost you.
  • Deductible expenses for your business.
  • An opportunity to build all the hours you need.

    Smiling Wings Flight Club Member Rates will be:

    Cessna 182 - only $113 per hour!
    Cessna 210 - (call for information)
    All rates are wet.

  • Cessna 182 N3289S                                              Cessna 210D N524BL
    7 interests available at a                                         5 equity shares available at a     
    Refundable Investment of $10,000                           Refundable Investment of $10,000